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Why does the phone battery drain quickly?

Why is my phone battery draining fast? Because of that, everyone used to have small phones, so because of the lack of an Android phone, we didn’t even use any apps, and that’s why our phone battery lasted two to three days.

It was a bit different in earlier times, but now we all have smartphones, thanks to which we use different types of applications in our smartphones and also entertain ourselves by playing games. If you buy a smartphone and run games or apps on it, then you get a good battery backup initially. But after a few days, your phone battery starts draining very fast. Many people then think that is why the phone battery drains quickly. So let us offer you a solution to this problem today.

Why does the cell phone battery drain quickly?

There can be many reasons for your phone battery draining fast, but below we will tell you some important reasons that make your phone battery drain fast. If you want to save your phone’s battery, you should avoid the reasons below.

1. Using live wallpapers
Many people like to have new wallpapers on their phones and change their phone wallpaper every day. And some people use live wallpapers on their phones and that’s why using live wallpapers starts draining your smartphone battery. And you don’t understand why your smartphone battery is draining fast. So if you want to save your smartphone battery, you should avoid using live wallpapers.

2. Keep the screen brightness high
Many people constantly increase the brightness of their smartphone without any means, due to which their phone battery drains fast. Screen brightness is mostly used for playing games or even watching videos on your phone. As a result, your phone battery will start draining quickly and you won’t even know it. You should always keep the brightness of your phone’s screen low to save your phone’s battery from draining quickly.

3. Using multiple applications
Some people have the habit of downloading many apps and then using those apps to leave them as they are. But if you are using any app on your phone and you don’t stop it completely by going to settings, it will remain running in the background of your phone. This will slowly start draining your phone’s battery.

So use only as many apps as you need. Uninstall unnecessary apps to save your phone’s battery.

4. Turn on Wi-Fi and mobile data
Because nowadays more and more people come across a data package of one to two GB per day and then they don’t have to worry about terminating the network, so they don’t turn off their mobile data. Some people forget to turn off their Wi-Fi and internet data. And then when their smartphone battery starts to die soon, these people think about why their phone battery is draining so fast.

If the same is happening to you, you should remember to turn off mobile Wi-Fi and internet data when data is down. Doing so will also make your phone’s battery last longer.

5. Always keep your phone location on
Many people do not pay attention to this matter. But this little thing can drain your smartphone battery very quickly. Whenever you use any app, more and more apps ask you to turn on your location and you turn on your location.

But when you stop using this app, you don’t turn off your phone’s location. This will drain your phone battery very soon. So if you want to save your phone’s battery, you should have your phone’s location off when it’s not working.

Why phone battery drains fast has been detailed. We hope that by reading this information you will be able to increase your mobile battery backup. If you have any other queries regarding this, you can ask us in the comment box below. We will reply to you very soon.

It is useful for all mobile users because of the fast draining of mobile phone batteries. So please share this information on WhatsApp and Facebook. We provide similar useful Android mobile tips and tricks on this site.

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