What is IP Address? How to find your IP Address

In this article, we will learn what is an IP address, how to find it, if you also use any device connected to the Internet like a smartphone, laptop, or tablet, then you must have heard about the IP address, but you must have heard about it completely. Information will not be disclosed. So let us tell you that all devices connected to the internet have their unique code that tells about that device and with the help of this code only any device can connect to the internet.

So let’s give some detailed information about IP addresses, like what is the difference between public and private IP addresses and what is meant by dynamic and static IP addresses. Detailed information about the types is also given.

Many people have questions about the IP address, such as how many numbers are in an IP address, and many people ask what is my IP address. To find out, let’s start the article and see all the information step by step.

What is an IP address?

Let us tell you that an IP address is a unique code whose full name is Internet Protocol Address, using this IP address any device can communicate with the Internet because an IP address is unique so any device can be identified with its help. Yippee.

An IP address is very important for communication when a device wants to communicate with another device, so here IP address works as an address or says each device has a different identity.

The IP address in simple language we understand only by the word IP, every device has a different IP address that gives an identity to a local or online device, even if you run the Internet, you will have an IP address that is your Internet Provider provided to you. If you are talking about mobile, your IP address will change as soon as you restart the internet.

The local connection also has an IP address, here it works to identify different devices, if your device connects to another device, then the IP address of your device goes to the other device. Many types of WiFi and routers have a static IP address, this IP address never changes.

What is the full form of an IP address?

The full form of a friend’s IP address is an Internet Protocol address.

Why is an IP address used?

When multiple devices are connected to a network, it is necessary to have a unique ID to identify each device separately, because when many devices connect to the same device, or all devices become a network. If so, each device must be identified separately.

Each device is assigned a unique number that uniquely identifies it, similar to how role numbers are issued to students in a classroom. When you send a letter to your friend, you must send the name of the person on the front and your name along with the letter.

When you enter your address, it identifies you the same way any device on the Internet is recognized. After a similar process, the data is sent over the Internet, and a computer DNS server is used to find the hostname and then generate an IP address from it.

For example, when a person enters the name of a website, the browser sends a request to the website’s DNA server to load that website. Through a DNS request, the server obtains the hostname and IP address of the website. . Here, the hostname is the domain name of the website and the IP address is a unique identification number.


What are the types of IP addresses?

Friends, there are different types of IP addresses and these different types of IP addresses depend on the IP address structure, Unix structure, and IP address function, mainly there are four types of IP addresses. These are the types of IP addresses. All these types of IP addresses come in two different forms or versions which are IPv4 and IPv6.

1. Private IP address
Friends, a private IP address is such an IP address that you either define yourself in your private or local connection or it is automatically assigned by your router.

This IP address is specifically designed to assign different identification numbers to all the devices in your private connection, this type of IP address is used in most homes.

2. Public IP address
A public IP address is assigned by your ISP to connect to the world. This type of IP address is used in homes and businesses, this type IP address is provided to various devices around the world or to connect to the Internet.

When you start the internet from your personal computer, your internet service provider assigns you a special IP address that acts as your unique address on the internet, now whenever you open a web page, so the web page connects through that IP address, and the server of every web page the site will also have a different IP address.

3. Static IP address
If the device does not have DHCP enabled or the device does not support a DHCP server, the IP address is assigned manually in this state. This type of IP address has the status of a static IP address.

4. Dynamic IP address
This type of IP address is assigned by a DHCP server, this type of IP address is called a dynamic IP address.

How to find out the IP address

If you are looking for your IP address or have a question what is my IP address then here I am giving you complete information on how to find an IP address and how to find different types of IP addresses. Here I will tell you about removing public and private IP addresses.

1. Public IP address
If you want to find a public IP address, you can turn to Google or you can look up your public IP address on any IP Address Lookup website.

To see the public IP address you need to google what is my ip address. When you do this search, you will be shown your public IP address. You can also use the website https://whatismyipaddress.com/ to see your IP address easily.

From there you will also see your location as only you will know that the IP address is a unique IP number from which the location can also be obtained. You can use any device like a computer, mobile, or iPad to find out the public IP address because every device has a different IP address so you can easily find out the IP address of your device.

2. Private IP address
A private IP address is a type of local IP address, so each device will need to use a different process to find that IP address. If you are using windows, Linux or ios then it is a different process and if you want to remove a private IP address in android mobile then another process will have to follow, let’s see the whole process one by one and know. How can you know your private IP address?

There is a command prompt on your computer that you can use to easily find out your IP address, for this you need to open the command prompt in Windows and type ipconfig there to see your IP address immediately.

If you are a Linux user then in Linux you need to open th

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